Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the transfer of structured data between two organizations or “trading partners” using a set of standards that define common information formats to accommodate the exchange. With our B2B EDI expertise, we help companies across the globe manage data exchangewhile ensuring delivery and compliance with rigorous industry standards.

​EDI is about managing: Big Data. Critical Data. Multiple Message Formats. Different Communication Protocols. Changing Requirements & Customer Mandates. With Rocket Software technology, our customers have the ability to take multiple digital message formats & match them to the right communication protocol with the right customer, partner or supplier – easily and efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Greater efficiency through more standardized & collaborative interactions
  • Exchange data with partners any time across multiple platforms, industries & worldwide geographies
  • Fast automation & seamless integration with data stored in enterprise applications
  • On-board new partners and suppliers quickly and easily so you can get to the task at hand
  • Secure compliance trading partner specifications met without concern
  • Built-in support for common communication protocols & message formats​
  • Flexible deployment through Cloud or On-Premise, we can work with your company needs

Rocket Software EDI solutions help you to reduce costs, cycle time and errors associated with outdated manual processes.