Ad hoc reporting for IBM Z data

Easily produce formal reports on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis

With intensifying competition, compliance pressures, and the tantalizing availability of more data, your senior management and business users are demanding more timely, ad hoc reporting. Business intelligence applications, coupled with rapid application development, can deliver ad hoc reporting on data—including mainframe data—to a broad base of users.

Satisfy simple inquiries or run complex analyses

Rocket AS solutions for IBM Z provide rapid application development, plus query, reporting, and visualization of data from multiple sources including Db2 and VSAM. With a rich collection of commands and functions, Rocket AS (Analytics Server) also provides powerful data update, manipulation, and discovery capabilities. AS includes 3270 and Eclipse-based user interfaces for developing and running applications.  

With Rocket AS, you can easily produce formal reports on an ad-hoc or scheduled basis to satisfy simple inquiries or complex analyses. Then you can use AS text processing with data to create readable, professional documents. Better yet, AS enables visual communication of your data through charts, pictographs, illustrations and icons. All of this is possible on your mainframe or PC.

Further, Rocket AS can be combined with PC software to leverage the strengths of both environments. It can select and analyze data so that PC users get just the data they really need, and will deliver that information from the mainframe directly to your favorite PC package. From there, you can use many industry-standard Windows, Linux, Unix and web products as clients for information provided by AS.