Welcome Uniface

Rocket Software Acquires Uniface,
Extending Application Development
Platform Offerings

We’re excited to announce that Uniface is now part of the Rocket Software family. Thousands of companies in 30+ countries use the Uniface model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software to start, run, and scale their businesses. The platform powers more than 3,000 applications, with over 10 million application users worldwide.

Use cases for Uniface's low-code development platform include:

  •   Internal apps to help innovate and improve a company's core functions like HR, sales/marketing, and finance.
  •   Customer facing apps with rich user experiences, security, and mobile capabilities.
  •   Legacy app replacement to help companies upgrade outdated applications for modern, innovative approaches.

Low-code development is focused on making it easier and quicker to develop applications. With low-code, innovative apps can be delivered 10x faster and organizations can turn on a dime, adapting their systems at the speed of business.

The Uniface low-code solution enables developers to work on the requirements and not the technology, removing complexity from building great, modern business apps. This frees up precious time for teams to spend on high-value tasks, such as user experience and business logic integration. With these low-code benefits, organizations are better equipped to quickly adapt and respond to fast-changing business conditions.

You can learn more about Uniface here.