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The pressure is on to deliver on-point, on-budget apps, faster than ever. How can your application development team keep pace with the demand for innovations and exceed expectations? Do what industry leaders around the world do: Work smarter with Rocket®Uniface Application Development Platform.

Uniface low code technology is proven to simplify app development

The Uniface platform fits seamlessly into any IT or database infrastructure. It replaces complexity and endless, inefficient coding with software that’s remarkably simple to learn and use. That means onboarding is quick and easy. And with Uniface’s library of quick-start, drag-and-drop components, even your business users can rapidly develop innovative web, mobile, and desktop apps.

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Rocket® Uniface has been the world’s leading low-code platform since 1984.

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Rocket® has proven its value across industries, including healthcare, education, HR payroll, IT, government, logistics, manufacturing, automotive, and financial services.


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Ready to license your product or service and launch it for profit? Our Enterprise Edition provides a host of valuable features to help you achieve commercial success. It also includes proactive support to help you secure existing investments, optimize operations, and take advantage of the latest Uniface innovations. It’s more than customer service. It’s like having a business partner at your side, working to help you reach your goals.

Ten Reasons to Use Rocket Uniface

With Rocket Uniface, you can improve productivity in a secure, reliable environment. But that's just the beginning.

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Pernod Ricard

Thanks to the customization and flexibility of the Spirit/1 application, Pernod Ricard is able to provide a more uniform experience for all of its brands’ customers.

Jean-Francois Bernard

IT Vice President—Spirit Management Solutions, Pernod Ricard

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