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Rocket.Build 2023 is finally here! And it’s our 10th anniversary!

In its earliest years, the Rocket.Build hackathon focused primarily on showcasing technical development skills. But the hackathon has grown through increased participation and prioritization of bringing together a diverse collection of creative minds. For years now, we’ve been building on a foundation of unprecedented inclusion and welcoming projects that use code as well as projects that don’t.

Within every Rocket Software function — Legal, Customer Experience, the People Team, Marketing, Finance — there’s room for innovation. Rocket.Build 2023 wants projects that introduce improvements to any process: logo designs, new policies, customer engagement, the advocation for new technologies, and more. Anything that adheres to Rocket.Build’s competition themes and supports Rocket’s core values and/or mission is welcome.

Rocket.Build 2023 is happening on Thursday November 30 as a full day of building, hosted at multiple Rocket locations. The following day, Friday December 1, will be for presenting projects to the community and judges. There will also be options for virtual participation. Rocketeers, customers, partners, and students — get ready to innovate and build!

Introducing the Rocket.Build 2023 Themes

Rocket.Build is back, better than ever. Get ready to ignite your creativity and push the boundaries of what's possible. Celebrating a decade of innovation, this year's event is set to empower and inspire tech enthusiasts from all backgrounds. With a focus on bolstering high-performance teams, knowing your customers, and the much-talked-about world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Rocket.Build 2023 guarantees to be an exciting launchpad for industry-shaping breakthroughs.

The three themes for 2023:


Strengthening the Culture of High-Performing Teams
Show us how your innovation can help in building high-performing teams that

  • Attract quality talent
  • Increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Make Rocket Software the best possible place to work

Know Your Customer
Build a platform that can enhance “Know Your Customers” initiatives to:

  • Protect businesses from potential risks
  • Ensure businesses meet regulatory and legal requirements
  • Gain a better understanding of customer needs and preferences

Artificial Intelligence
How can you jump on the AI bandwagon to:

  • Take Rocket Software products to the next level
  • Elevate customer experience
  • Leverage large language models

Dear Customers & Partners:

Come and join us in innovating the future. At Rocket.Build, you can collaborate with Rocketeers to work on cutting-edge projects that will shape the world of tomorrow. Connect with your Rocket colleagues or sign up to be introduced to new ones—either way, you'll be sure to have a one-of-a-kind experience. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to Rocket.Build!

Dear Students:

Ready to launch your career to the next level? Come join us at Rocket.Build on November 30 for the ultimate opportunity to upgrade your resume with mentorship from the experts at Rocket Software! All you need to do is register, and we'll match you with the perfect Rocketeers—so don't miss out on this chance to shine!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question  Answer
How does the project registration process work?

For this year, the project registration uses Jira ServiceDesk (must be on VPN)

  • Create a Project submission, filling all the fields
  • You will receive an email confirmation
  • After the registration period ends, all project submissions will be assessed (only to avoid duplicates, etc.) and cloned into Project issues in the Rocket.Build jira project (RB)
  • This ticket then serves as your anchor for ideas, attachments, comments, communication
  • You can still change team members after submission within your ticket
  • Any questions or not a Rocket employee? Contact [email protected] and we will help you register.
How does the volunteer registration process work?

For this year, the volunteer registration uses Jira ServiceDesk (must be on VPN)

  • Choose a Volunteer submission, filling all the fields
  • You will receive an email confirmation
  • The Rocket.Build team will contact volunteers and connect you to teams in need of support
  • Any questions or not a Rocket Employee? Contact [email protected] and we will help you register.
How many people may be on the team? Up to 4: We hope teams can be formed within the regions so all 4 team members can enjoy being in person. We will allow some of the team members to be virtual, however we strongly encourage the team member to be located in the region of the team.
Who will judge the projects? Teams will present live to local judges. The presentation time will be 5 minutes. The finalists of the community Rocket.Build will present to the ELT who will pick the winner(s) of Rocket.Build 2023.
Will there be a final round? Yes! 1, 2 or even 3 projects from each Community (depending on the size of the community) will get the chance to present their project to the ELT, who will pick the winner(s) of Rocket.Build 2023.
What about the prizes? This year we will be providing winning teams prizes along with bragging rights! More to come.
Will there be another Rocket.Build this year, e.g. in Boston? This will be the only Rocket.Build competition of 2023.
I want to join, but don't have a team. Will someone help me find a team to join based on my skills? Yes! The registration form allows to register as volunteer, after which you (and your skills) will be matched with a suitable project. 
Who is responsible for the logistics of each event? The Rocket Software Community Connector Leader will handle the logistics of the local event.
I don't have development/tech skills. How can I participate? Rocket.Build welcomes all ideas that serve the themes of Rocket.Build even if they are not directly development oriented. If you have a great idea which you want to mature, that's enough! Find some teammates and GO! Or signup as a volunteer and we will help you find a team!
Will there be food? Rocket.Build will take place in locations worldwide. For those attendees who can participate in-person, there will be food.
What country or time zone should I pick if my team spans multiple communities? Please choose answers that relate to the team project leader.
Can I work on a feature that is on the roadmap for the Rocket Software product(s) I currently work on? his is not the intention of Rocket.Build. We encourage teams to ideate beyond the roadmap, dream big, think outside the box! Feel free to reach out to the Rocket.Build team for assistance if needed.
What if I have a great idea that does not really match one of the themes? The themes are merely directional - and with some creativity, surely there is a connection to be made. 
Can non-Rocket employees (customers, partners, contractors, interns or college students) participate in Rocket.Build? Rocket.Build is open to Rocket customers, partners, contractors, and interns /students in the community as long as they are part of a team led by a Rocket employee who can access necessary secured platforms and documents.
Who will judge the community events? Community Connector Leaders will designate local judges for each community, assisted by the Rocket.Build team. Please reach out to the Rocket.Build team if you need help arranging for judges.
Can we work on Rocket.Build projects in advance of the "official date?" No. To ensure fairness, teams are asked to only work on the projects during allotted event time.
How much time do we have to build or code? The event will take place within 2 days: Day 1 (Nov 30) will be a full day of coding, then Day 2 (Dec 1) is when virtual presentations to the community will happen.
Do all team members of one team have to register? No, only the designated project leader submits the project idea once. During registration process, the project leader lists the other team members. NOTE: if a person wants to register a project or volunteer who is not a current employee of Rocket Software, they must contact the Rocket.Build team at [email protected].
Can I be on more than one team? We ask individuals to only pick one team to work with during Rocket.Build 2023.
What about my day job? Rocket.Build is an important event because Rocket Software is providing the time and space to innovate. All participants are encouraged to plan ahead, clear their calendar, and put their “Out of Office” notification on so they can fully concentrate during the event: November 30 + December 1. (For Rocket Software employees, be sure your immediate supervisor is aware of your participation ahead of time.)
What if the Rocket.Build 2023 region my project is located in is far away and I cannot easily travel there? Rocket Software now being a work-from-home company with fewer offices worldwide, we realize it would be impossible to have everyone gathered at a location for this year's event. We will continue to strive in the future for a Rocket.Build that is inclusive and allows everyone to be together in one place. In the meantime, you are welcome to participate virtually.
Will there be special equipment available at the event locations? We will not be able to provide special or additional equipment at the locations. Please be sure to bring all equipment necessary to build such as laptop, keyboard, mouse, power source, etc.

Visit again soon as we continue to add more details.

As always, if you have any questions, you can reach out to us at [email protected].