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The mainframe industry is at a critical point in its history—the necessity of digital transformation, increasing compliance requirements, desire to connect more closely with customers, expanding cloud environments, cost pressures, demand for modern user experiences and more are all contributing to the evolution of this foundational technology. While proponents of distributed, cloud and hybrid-cloud may say that is the only way forward, the reality is that mainframes continue to be an important part of IT infrastructure, with 67% of Fortune 100 companies relying on them.

Simply going about their everyday lives, consumers are constantly interacting with mainframes whether they are shopping online or going to the doctor—and they don’t even know it. With this predominance in mind, Rocket Software set out to discover the current state of the mainframe industry from the experts driving IT decision-making and operations in their enterprises.

Read the report to discover:

  • How critical mainframes are to business operations
  • The biggest challenges with mainframe performance management
  • How businesses are overcoming mainframe skills gaps

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