ALM Software

Rocket DevOps Application lifecycle management software (ALM software) simplifies and automates every aspect of the software delivery process. From gathering, routing and prioritizing change requests to production deployment of application releases and updates, Rocket DevOps ALM software reduces errors, facilitates collaboration, improves productivity, and makes IT audits a breeze. It ensures that your change procedures are predictable, scalable, and repeatable.  

With ALM software, even the most complex environment can be understandable and easy to maintain. Our application lifecycle management tools give you everything you need to keep your environment healthy and up-to-date. You have complete control, while we manage the complexity.

Software change management that makes it easy to embrace change

From the moment a change request is initiated to the moment an update is in production, Rocket DevOps ALM software simply makes life easier. Even in the most complex, multiplatform environments, Rocket DevOps ALM software synchronizes the delivery of components to each platform, ensuring all the parts work together properly. It produces detailed information about every process to facilitate troubleshooting and to provide a complete audit trail. ALM software simplifies each aspect of application development and furnishes understandable tools that encourage collaboration. ALM software is a win-win solution for any business.

Rocket DevOps release management takes the fear out of managing releases

Multiple releases, multiple platforms, compliance requirements, versions: keeping track of everything in today’s typical IT environment can be a truly formidable task. Rocket DevOps ALM software is designed to transform every fearsome Mt. Everest of a software environment into an easy stroll in the park. Our software management tools make versioning consistent and reliable, even in environments with many custom versions that must be maintained simultaneously. Rocket DevOps ALM software helps to ensure that every release is thoroughly tested, documented and complete through its repeatable, reliable, and low risk promotion process. Error-prone manual steps are automated, reducing uncertainty.

Rocket DevOps deployment management

The right files in the right place at the right time.

Rocket DevOps ALM software includes automated deployment capabilities that transform what is often a difficult and haphazard manual process into a predictable and safe procedure. The appropriate files are automatically deployed to the correct target locations, minimizing production problems. Components are properly synchronized and tasks allocated. Deployment information is available to all involved personnel.  

Build packages can be promoted and deployed with a mouse click, and ALM software insures that the correct versions of the correct files are in every build package. Rollback capabilities offer even more security.