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Enable CI/CD for IBM i+ Environments

Rocket® DevOps solutions provide the tools and infrastructure you need to automate everything from the moment a change request comes in until a solution is delivered to production. Keep your software running while using it in new ways to increase business value.

Why Rocket DevOps?

Businesses can build the structure and flexibility need to extend holistic DevSecOps best practices to the IBM i, while enabling their teams to experiment with product, process, and technology.

With Rocket DevOps you can:

  • Enable end-to-end DevSecOps: Your IBM i development and delivery teams will have the tools to develop and deploy high quality code quickly, efficiently, and securely, thanks to a solution that delivers everything from deployment management to testing
  • Build structure through automation and controls: You’ll remove as much manual, error-prone work as possible, enforce compliance mandates through separation of duties, and drive faster time to market
  • Empower flexibility for true CICD: Your teams will quickly experiment, make changes, and adapt as needed to drive innovation
    • [this is both for engineering and for DevOps teams]
  • Deliver holistic, simplified reporting: You’ll respond to regulatory audits and SLAs with speed and accuracy
  • Standardize DevOps companywide: Your organization will enjoy greater accessibility to DevSecOps best practices via integrations to popular 3rd party and open-source DevOps tools
  • Enable non-RPG talent to engage and support the IBM i DevOps process: You’ll alleviate the RPG developer bottleneck while getting code out the door

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