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No matter how small or large, no matter their familiarity with automation principles, organizations globally are exploring and implementing hyperautomation solutions to increase revenue, optimize costs, and better manage risk. In fact, according to Gartner, 56% of organizations have already implemented four or more hyperautomation initiatives within their business. If your organization is running a mainframe, chances are there is room to leverage automation towards greater organizational efficiency, efficacy, and agility.

An insurance agency that manages hundreds of claim exceptions daily, a bank who processes a variety of account transactions for millions of customers, and an HR team onboarding new employees with a hundred-year-old playbook – what do they all have in common? All these organizations face an overwhelming set of tasks carrying out day-to-day operations and they often run the risk of missing their SLA’s. In fact, no matter which industry you are in, there is an opportunity to modernizing your business by leveraging workflow and process automation to reduce manual work and improve employee productivity.

Rocket Workflow & Process Automation delivers a comprehensive workflow and robotic process automation platform that is cloud-native and enterprise-ready, with end-to-end automation for your cloud, distributed, and mainframe systems. From claims processing, to account management, to data validation, and more, there is an endless field of automation possibilities for which Rocket Software can help you enable and realize a significant ROI.

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