Enterprise File Sync and Sharing

Collaborate and share with internal and external users

Don't trust your information to public cloud file sharing systems, choose R/Link enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) for your private cloud. With R/Link, you can collaborate with people both inside and outside your network, with full security. Invite those outside your network and share exactly what they need to see—no more no less!

  • Domain users and system users can be assigned shareable space in the MyShares area of the R/Link online file sharing solution.
  • Use MyShares to share folders with other users, groups, or devices area.
  • Domain users and R/Link system users can freely share folders with other users of the R/Link system. All activity is logged.
  • Domain users can invite external users to share folders in the MyShares area and control their access privileges. All activity is logged.
  • The folder owner controls rights for external users and can limit access to MyShares.

R/Link in action

R/Link's enterprise file sync and sharing (EFSS) model is the choice for IT professionals around the world.

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