Mainframe data integration

Extend large mainframe applications anywhere

Today’s databases need to be more than just fast and easy to access. They need to be available to all corners of the enterprise, and in many cases, to the whole world. Applications running on one platform need transparent access to data, messages, and programs residing on another—over a LAN, WAN, and the Internet.

Access mainframe data anywhere, anytime

The Rocket® M204™ family of high-performance, high-volume DBMS solutions make mainframe data accessible throughout and beyond the enterprise, at scale.

You can take full advantage of client/server and internet architectures: our Connect technology provides connectivity to Model 204 using industry-standard ODBC and JDBC. Users can run their favorite desktop business applications against server-based Model 204 data, preserving your investment in existing applications and eliminating the need for duplicating data throughout the enterprise.

You can deliver secure, scalable and high-performance web applications accessible via browsers, or perform high-performance OLTP and OLAP operations against very large, ever-growing databases using our Java connectivity. And with support for the IBM® MQ application-integration protocol, Model 204 applications can share messages with any other participating application on the network.