Rocket Model 204

High-performance, high-volume data management for IBM® zSystems®

With Rocket® Model 204® solutions, you can extend mainframe data to demanding users and applications. Model 204 handles large volumes of data and high transaction loads. It stores, manages and accesses even exceedingly large databases at high speeds, and includes a rapid application development environment.

Rocket Mainframe

A high-performance database engine for today's applications

Whether you’re deploying a data warehouse, an extranet application, or a CRM system, high performance is critical to its success. Growing numbers of users for your applications combined with exponential increases in data volume create continuous performance challenges for your developers. Time after time, Model 204 outperforms other database systems because it includes a variety of ground-breaking technologies.

One example is bitmapped indexing, pioneered by Rocket many years ago, which dramatically speeds data access by eliminating the need to process long lists of records. Queries and transactions are often performed solely on the compact indexes, significantly reducing costly disk I/O. Today, bitmapped indexing is widely recognized as the best technology for many types of queries and transactions.

Another breakthrough is the optimized relational model. This model allows you to physically store together data tables that are related to each other and usually accessed together, resulting in enhanced performance. High-volume update facilities, including locking strategies and parallel updates on database partitions help to accelerate your online transaction processing applications.

These and other key features explain why Model 204 applications are consistently recognized for outstanding performance among other very large database implementations. Combined with a robust set of connectivity solutions and the added benefit of SQL, Model 204 offers speed and flexibility to build rapid solutions for today’s demanding business climate.

The scalability to seamlessly support tomorrow’s applications

But what about maintaining high performance in the future—when your databases and applications have grown considerably? Model 204 provides the scalability options you need to continue processing at maximum speeds and without interruption.

Multiprocessor/204 (MP/204) helps you balance application workload and increase performance by spreading workload across multiple processors with no changes to applications. So you don't have to worry about performance, even in the wake of significant database growth. Rocket designed Model 204 to meet high-performance, high-capacity data requirements, and it will remain a great platform for your applications as your data grows.

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