Provides services for SQL and ODBC requests.


The bundled Rocket D3 Database Management System SQL grammar is SQL-compliant with extended ODBC functionality. The following SQL features, for example, are supported: Create/Drop Table, Select, Insert, Update/Delete Searched, Simple Expressions, Alter Table, Full Select, Create/Drop Index, Select for Update, Update/Delete Positioned, Unions and Transaction Processing statements. All statements completely support the Rocket D3 Database Management System multi-value data structure. This includes, but is not limited to, single-value, multi-values and multi-subvalues, correlatives, translates, standard dictionary definition, etc. The included D3 ODBC driver currently supports Microsoft's ODBC 2.0 and above.

Semantic Layer

Utilities are provided to assist in the creation of a semantic layer that describes the D3 database in normalized relational definitions that SQL/ODBC-based clients expect. The existing D3 database structure does not require any physical alterations. Multi-valued and multi-subvalued attributes (nested tables) expose unique IDs, permitting direct and unique access to nested structures.


Rocket D3 Database Management System SQL supports Star Schema index structures, database triggers, constraints, and execution of AQL statements and stored procedures. All database access via SQL also honors the OSFI (Open System File interface) that enables the re-vectoring of file I/O to remote D3 AIX, D3 Linux, D3 Windows or other heterogeneous file systems.