Rocket D3 DBMS

The DBMS you can count on

With Rocket® D3 DBMS solutions, you get high performance and scalability for your transactional and business analytics applications, while keeping operating and system management costs low. It's no wonder that Rocket D3 DBMS is the choice of more than a thousand application developers worldwide in industries including manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, government and retail.

What's New in Rocket D3

Bringing proven multidimensional technology to the evolving enterprise

Rocket D3 DBMS is part of a powerful MultiValue development environment designed for today's business-critical transactional and analytical database applications. It provides scalability, flexibility, seamless interoperability, connectivity, and low system management cost. Our data connectivity tools pair with rapid application development (RAD) tools to accelerate application development. Authorized employees, customers, and partners can access your applications from the platforms of your choice, including PCs, mobile devices and the web, and your D3 systems can be easily managed part-time by non-technical staff.

Our multidimensional technology can handle most any data and applications you can throw at it. Rocket D3 DBMS delivers high performance through an efficient file management system that which requires minimal system and memory. The 64-bit version of Rocket D3 DBMS for AIX and Linux provides larger addressing space per process and larger core memory for faster application performance.

Rocket D3 DBMS scales with your with your enterprise, from one to thousands of users. Enjoy seamless interoperability with varied databases and host environments through our connectivity tools. It's easy to securely and simultaneously accesses the database from remote or disparate locations worldwide.

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