Fully-automated balanced scorecards

Easily view, understand and act upon real data and information

Rocket® CorVu® solutions are modular, providing you with robust and integrated management of business strategy, risk and initiatives—leading to a fully automated balanced scorecard. Highly visual and aesthetically modern, CorVu lets users easily view, understand and act upon real data and information. 

From the pioneer in scorecard automation

Rocket empowers users to understand current performance, evolve corporate strategy and strategically plan the improvement of operating results—all through the use of our Rocket CorVu business intelligence and performance management software. We continue to raise the bar in scorecard automation with updates to our software and additional modules.

Rocket® CorStrategy® helps you to align your day-to-day operational activities with your strategic objectives in a seamless, scalable and simple process. CorRisk ensures that risk management activities throughout the organization are monitored, essential workflows are automated, and stakeholders are alerted to potential threats so risk management obligations can be fulfilled.

CorVu NG offers infinitely customizable, personalized, modern and dynamic performance dashboards, accessible on demand—even on mobile devices. Create a highly visual, detailed, fact-based view of your organization’s activities and performance.  Engage and empower all employees in mission-critical decision-making.