Ad-hoc reporting made easy

Deploy dashboards, reports, and graphics as easy-to-understand web pages

Your organization relies on a standard set of daily, monthly, quarterly and annual management reports as a barometer for your business. But with intensifying competition, compliance pressures, and the tantalizing availability of more data, demand for more-timely, ad hoc reporting is growing. And IT is too often in the critical path. Rocket to the rescue!

More reports, better business, less-stressed IT

Rocket® CorVu® BI and Enterprise Performance Management solutions help you meet the demand for ad hoc reporting, enabling faster, smarter decisions.

Using Rocket CorVu NG, BI technical experts can deploy on-demand web and mobile dashboards and reports—incorporating rich, intuitive visualizations—that meet the needs of all enterprise users. On-demand, one-click charting and wizards let end-users generate “quick reports.”

Deploy dashboards, reports, and graphics as easy-to-understand web pages. You can also deploy specific pages to other formats. Users can pre-generate HTML reports or generate reports on demand using simple pick lists—no training or technical skills required. Reference-style sheets apply corporate-style settings to all published reports, so your reports always have a consistent look and feel. With Rocket CorPortfolio, you can combine text, graphics, reports, spreadsheets, video clips, commentary, and other data into a single portfolio for on-the-spot management reports. Ad hoc reporting never looked so buttoned-up.