B2B supply chain integration, simplified

Keep product data and other critical business information flowing

You've invested in business processes for supply chain automation. But keeping product data and other critical business information flowing efficiently remains challenging. Rocket® B2B supply chain integration solutions can unify and simplify information exchange, no matter how far-flung or technologically diverse your supply chain, or how small or big your business.

Simplify EDI and Managed File Transfer

Electronic data interchange (EDI) helps firms exchange data efficiently and accurately. Many companies don't have the time or technical expertise to implement an EDI solution, but could benefit from using EDI with manufacturing, supplier, or retail partners across the globe. Rocket solutions can help bring EDI to your business as an easy-to-use service without the need for complex implementations or internal support.
Rocket EDI solutions are easy to implement while remaining highly configurable. They offer automation with your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, delivering the benefits of unified data exchange protocols and processes across your entire manufacturing organization. Your business will benefit from faster data exchange, increased visibility into your daily transactions, reduced costs, and confidence that errors haven't been introduced by a manual data entry process.    
Are you still relying on email, FTP, or free online services to share data and files? Step up to secure, Managed File Transfer with Rocket. Our secure managed file transfer (MFT) tools allow your team to quickly share sensitive proprietary information with one another and select partners—safely and securely. Get the ease of use web-based file sharing products, with the security and regulatory compliance considerations of an enterprise solution.

Share files and collaborate with supply chain partners

Many companies struggle with the cost of exchanging important files with manufacturing, supplier, or retail partners. This is often left to designers, engineers, buyers, and other expensive resources, using multiple tools to get the job done. Rocket solutions can help simplify and even fully automate the process of sharing files with partners and others.

Our solutions are easy to implement and highly configurable. They can automate something as simple as sharing a single file with an outside party, or fully automate the secure sharing of design files with supply chain partners. Rocket solutions offer integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems. We can even help you collaborate with your partners in exchanging files, ideas, status updates, and more across enterprise boundaries. Our software can integrate robust workflows and process automation while helping you comply with standards like ISO and APQP, or regulations such as ITAR.

Your business will benefit from faster data exchange, increased visibility of your daily transactions, a more streamlined product design process, peace of mind about compliance, and reduced costs.