Manufacturing supply chain integration

Control and protect your data

Manufacturing is about logistics. Supply chains depend on business networks of globally disbursed internal teams, partners, and suppliers. Collaboration is crucial, as participants rely upon one another for data required for important business decisions. Rocket solutions manage the exchange and sharing of many types of data and documents that are at the heart of supply chain business processes.

Streamline and automate supply chain business processes and workflows

Though the specifics vary from industry to industry (and even within industries), all supply chains necessitate exchange of documents and data to get products to market quickly, cost effectively, and at the right time to drive sales. Rocket solutions provide manufacturers with fast, accurate, and secure document and data exchange and collaboration capabilities for working with supply chain partners. As a result, you can reduce costs, improve productivity—and increase sales. We offer integrated solutions to meet the complex and unique business requirements of global manufacturers. From project management and document control to electronic data exchange (EDI), automating processes and file transfer, Rocket solutions make business process management easier and more efficient across the board.

We are experts in helping global manufacturers better collaborate and manage projects with global teams—particularly with supply chain partners. Examples include:

  • Buyers sourcing materials and parts
  • On-boarding suppliers
  • Designing and manufacturing new products
  • Ensuring quality goals are met across the extended enterprise
  • Reinforcing processes for regulatory compliance
  • Managing change
  • Managing day to day issues with corrective actions
  • Maintaining correct stock levels of inventory of materials, parts or finished goods.

When it comes to automating the product design process, we can easily integrate with your PLM system so that you can get the data you need and make the decisions that will keep your company ahead of the curve. And, when you need large file transfer (engineering or otherwise), our Managed File Transfer (MFT) capabilities can help you exchange files with your trading community quickly and securely.