Automotive supply chain integration

Automate collaboration between manufacturers and suppliers

The global automotive industry moves quickly, and competition is increasing as new players and technologies enter the market. Today's automakers have to collaborate with a broad network of global suppliers, within strict cost, quality, and environmental controls. Protecting intellectual property is a top concern, and project data must be kept secure at every step of the design process.

Simplifying supply chain integration and collaboration

Rocket B2B Supply Chain Integration solutions help automotive OEMS and their global supply chain partners collaborate by providing them with fast, accurate, and secure document and data exchange and collaboration capabilities. Rocket solutions have proven so secure and effective that some manufacturers use them as the only allowable method for smaller suppliers who need to integrate with their PLM systems.

Getting the right products to market quickly, cost effectively, and at the right time depends on efficient collaboration and exchange of design data and other files with supply chain partners. At Rocket, we’re experts in helping automotive OEMS and their tier 1 global suppliers better integrate, collaborate, and get their work done. Rocket solutions cover many areas, including materials and parts sourcing, and new supplier on-boarding. They are used by companies for the secure exchange of design and manufacturing data, both for new and existing products.  

We help customers achieve their quality goals across the extended enterprise, including managing changes and dealing with day-to-day challenges involved with managing corrective actions. Rocket solutions are used to track activity for regulatory compliance reasons, and help with the exchange of data needed to ensure the acquisition, shipping, and receipt of parts and materials to maintain correct stocking levels in a manufacturing plant.

Rocket has worked for years with manufacturers and their T1 suppliers, as well as T1 suppliers with their T2 suppliers to solve numerous supply chain challenges, such as:

  • Automated, secure and managed CAD/PLM design data exchange
  • Fully managed EDI and web EDI solutions to achieve automated business interoperability
  • Managed File transfer solutions automating secure document and data exchange using multiple communication protocols
  • Process automation and workflow integration, whether for buyers managing RFQs with suppliers, quality engineers managing APQP and PPAP processes, or buyers and order fulfillment using EDI to process orders, invoices, shipments and deliveries