Develop new applications quickly

Speed and simplify BI application development for IBM Z data

Organizations want to exploit all of their data for business intelligence—particularly mainframe data. This means providing data access to business users from a variety of systems including web browsers, mobile devices, and PCs. Satisfying demands for new BI applications requires fast application development that doesn't require special skills or extensive platform knowledge.

Speed and simplify application development for IBM Z data

The Rocket AS line of products provides business intelligence and rapid application development for IBM Z data. With clients for 3270 and Windows, all users in your organization can now easily benefit from the capabilities of a truly world-class IBM Z solution.

Rocket AS gives you comprehensive access to mainframe data, so you can turn your data into usable information regardless of its source. Access relational data sources such as Db2 (whether on local or remote mainframe systems) and non-relational data sources, such as external files and VSAM. Then present that insight in a way that’s aesthetically appealing, streamlined and simple. Plus, AS allows you to build these capabilities into your own line-of-business applications, and integrate with other systems or applications.

Rocket AS solutions enable query, reporting, and visualization of data. With a rich collection of commands and functions AS also provides powerful data update, manipulation, and discovery capabilities.

No-compromise BI applications for IBM Z data

Rocket AS is capable of handling a broad range of tasks from simple queries to multi-dimensional data analysis. It also provides specialized statistical capabilities, powerful linear programming and modeling, and project management facilities. In addition, you can use AS to build custom procedures to automate data analysis and repetitive tasks. These automated procedures enable you to streamline data and expedite tasks for you, your department, and your organization.

Rocket AS can be combined with PC software to leverage the strengths of both environments. It can select and analyze data so that PC users get just the data they really need, and will deliver that information from the mainframe directly to your favorite PC package. From there, you can use many industry-standard Windows, Linux, Unix and web products as clients for information provided by AS.