The Value of True CI/CD – And How to Achieve It

18 May 2022
By Milan Shetti, CEO Rocket Software
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Agile development has served its purpose over the years, but many forward-thinking companies believe its value in their businesses is lessening.

Why? It stresses speed, which can be a downfall when it comes to quality. As an alternative, many organizations are adopting continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD), which entails near-constant cycles of iterative development, testing, and deployment.

With CI/CD, IT teams can accelerate the code release process and help with deployment of new applications to improve value delivery for customers. In a recent Rocket Software survey, 44% of respondents say their organization already uses multiple tools for DevOps functionality on mainframe applications while just under a quarter of respondents have a comprehensive platform for mainframe DevOps.

In addition, the software’s modern user experience delivers an intangible benefit that solves for one of the biggest challenges in development – attracting and retaining talent.

CI/CD drives hiring and retention

CI/CD enables organizations to better attract and retain developer talent amid the ongoing and widespread...Continue reading