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How to modernize and accelerate mainframe application development

9 May, 2023
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The mainframe may seem like a relic of a day gone by, but truth be told, it’s still integral. According to the Rocket Software Survey Report 2022: The State of the Mainframe, four out of five IT professionals see the mainframe as critical to business success. At the same time, innovation and modernization are imperative for business survival.

When deciding which modernization path to take, some companies choose to scrap their mainframe, a costly endeavor that increases the risk of downtime and sacrifices its powerful benefits. With that in mind, what can businesses do to modernize their applications effectively?

Tap into open-source software

Mainframe-dependent businesses often think that open source is just for cloud-based products – but that assumption is incorrect. By introducing open-source software to mainframe infrastructure, companies will improve...

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