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Driving a Seamless Cloud-First Strategy Within a Legacy Landscape

22 February 2023
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In today’s fast-paced digital world, organisations need to be highly adaptive and agile to keep up. Many, if not all, have accelerated digital transformation efforts to compete and better serve customers. More of the same is expected in 2023, with the International Data Corp predicting that IT spend among Asia Pacific organisations will be 3.5 times the value of the entire regional economy.
While Rocket Software’s State of the Mainframe survey shows that the reliability and superior security of the mainframe is still valued by IT professionals, many organisations are moving to a cloud-first, hybrid approach in a bid to simplify processes and streamline workflows.

A major challenge with this, however, lies in the integration of legacy core applications with those in the cloud because of the former's limited interoperability. Utilising application programming interfaces (APIs) and software robots to integrate systems and create automation is obvious. What is not as apparent is that it should not be difficult or complicated. Achieving this rests on having a consistent, data-driven plan in place:

Build the foundation of modernisation with process discovery

Armed with a detailed and accurate understanding of a company's mainframe, IT...Read more