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Customer Case Study

Heritage Bank

With MultiValue Application Platform, there’s no downtime down under
Financial & Banking

Established in 1875, Heritage Bank is Australia’s largest customer-owned bank with 60 branches in Queensland and broker distribution staff in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. They have approximately $9.5 billion (AUD) in assets and a staff of around 800 employees.


As a customer-owned bank, Heritage is subject to a different set of rules and regulations than the banks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, but shares a commitment to customer satisfaction. The cost of disgruntled customers, although harder to quantify than lost revenue or recovery costs, exacerbates an already expensive situation.

  • Core banking system available 24/7 for 3+ years
  • Easy to migrate to new hardware and operating systems
  • Great ROI due to 100% availability
  • Database applications
MultiValue Application Platform
It’s certainly been a long
time since we had an
unplanned outage—
perhaps three years—
which is unheard of in
our industry.
Kevin Angus
Banking, Payments, and Ancillary Systems
Heritage Bank