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Financial Services Company Uses Rocket® PRO/JCL to Modernize DevOps and Drive Productivity

Rocket® PRO/JCL optimizes development process
Financial & Banking
One of the leading multinational financial services companies was facing today’s biggest challenge: releasing new digital services and features at the speed of its customers’ expectations. Keeping this pace required efficiency, standardization, and modernization across the company. However, with the company’s existing JCL management, employees were not set up for continuous development and improvement.
The company was using a product that had two major disadvantages. First, it required developers to move across multiple environments during validation testing. IT would have to switch from development to production to test the code, and, if there were JCL errors, send it back to development to address them. It could take hours for developers to correct the JCL, check it for standards and errors, test it and then resubmit it to IT. Multiple iteration cycles also increased the likelihood of human error and delayed the entire DevOps value stream. Second, the product used COBOL programming standards, which deterred new developers, who the company wanted to attract to the mainframe, but who expect a more modern environment. The company sought out a JCL management solution that would equip their developers—both new and seasoned—to streamline processes, reduce errors in workflows and save the company time.
  • See Value Faster: Include JCL management tools directly within users’ favorite Eclipse-compatible interface
  • Save Money: Eliminate expensive re-running of production mainframe jobs, reducing costs
  • Improve Accuracy: Reduce human error by automating JCL standards enforcement across the entire JCL lifecycle
Our developers love the Remote Scanning that PRO/JCL provides. The Eclipse plug-in opens doors to maximize our mainframe DevOps tooling by allowing developers to validate their JCL from within one interface.
Team member, Financial Services Company