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Customer Case Studies

Coversure Insurance Services

Centralizes Data Management and Powers Five-fold Business Expansion
Coversure Insurance Services is a group of independent insurance intermediaries throughout the United Kingdom that generates £100 million in annual sales. A local franchise holder manages and owns each of its more than 90 branch offices. The company delivers sales development, compliance, accounting, and IT services to the franchises. Since its founding more than 30 years ago, Coversure has grown rapidly while maintaining its commitment to provide high-quality, good-value insurance to UK residents across the country.
The insurance company needed to provide a centrally managed IT system to support the requirements of approximately one hundred separate businesses. Every franchise had its own distinct customer base and had to be able to operate independently to best serve its clientele. Franchise owners needed to focus on its customers rather than becoming distracted by the technical intricacies of maintaining accurate, secure data and upgrading computer systems to keep pace with business demands.
  • Centralized data management, relieving users from operational burdens
  • Easy, real-time access to critical business information
  • Support for five-fold business expansion
  • Database Management
Rocket D3 DBMS is the engine of our business. Rocket D3 powers everything that we have done for the last 16 years and has been instrumental in a five-fold expansion of our business to support almost 400 users today.
Martin Taylor
IT Director
Coversure Insurance Services