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Guided by values, delivering with purpose

Your Rocket Experience starts on day one. From your first clicks through our website, to your first “hellos” with a Rocketeer, every interaction with Rocket Software is founded on our commitment to living our values.

We are a community of 1500 Rocketeers who treat others with the same respect that we've built for one another over the last 30 years

When you connect with us, you can be confident that your Rocket Experience is built upon:

  • Our Core Values
  • Our Product Promise
  • Our Customer Commitments

Our Core Values

When I work with Rocket Software, I know I’ll be treated with:






Our Product Promise

As a Rocket Software product user, I know:

I will achieve legendary impact in the world through my Rocket products

Rocket will always listen and respond to my product needs


My Rocket products are built to last and will continue to serve me by anticipating my future needs


I can trust that my Rocket products have the highest level of quality, reliability, performance, scalability, and security


Rocket will stand behind their products with pride and only create products that I LOVE

I will be delighted by every aspect of my Rocket product experience

Our Customer Commitment

As a Rocket Software customer, I can expect that:

You will treat me with the same respect and empathy you’d want for yourselves

You will act in my best interest and do what is right for me


You will personalize your service based on the way I wish to receive it

You will do what is necessary to meet my expectation, and will aim to exceed that expectation


You will tell me what to expect from you, and you will notify me immediately if you think you will deviate from that expectation

If you have to tell me you cannot do something, you will always give me options about what you can do


You will assign one Rocketeer as the single owner of the request I’ve made of you

I will determine when my request is resolved, not you

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