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What does the future of IBM i+ CI/CD hold, and what does it mean for your enterprise?

IBM i teams are no longer able to operate as they once did. The new reality is that they are being forced to perform like other DevOps teams. However, many IBM i developers are retiring, and taking their deep knowledge of the applications with them, leaving in their wake an industry-wide guessing game of sorts. But you already know that. 

As an IBM i owner, you’ve had to accept that modern DevOps are here to stay, and it can be extremely beneficial. It reduces time to market, increases enterprise agility, and makes businesses more resilient.

One of the current trends is continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) which enables DevOps best practices, and best of all, allows for faster work with uncompromising quality, in a continuous loop. What does that mean? Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment allow increased freedom to innovate and experiment – nonstop.

In the following Spotlight, learn about the future of CI/CD for IBM i+ including:

  • Process discovery as a precursor to AI.
  • The Influence of AI on Test, and how intelligent testing is the way forward.
  • Important steps when determining your future DevOps strategy within an IBM i environment.
  • How Rocket DevOps enables end-to-end CI/CD for IBM i+ environments allow businesses to build the structure and flexibility they need while empowering their teams to adapt.

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