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What's new in Rocket D3

Get greater security, performance, and other benefits for your business-critical applications when you upgrade to Rocket D3® v10.3.


Version 10.3 has encryption enhancements that let you secure both data at rest and data in transit, plus SSL connectivity so you can more confidently and securely share data. For added protection, we recommend running v10.3 on a current version of your operating system. D3 10.3 supports Windows (10, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019), AIX (7.1, 7.2), and Linux (RHEL 8).

You can also benefit from:

  • STARTTLS support
  • Hot Backup, OSFI and MVSP API connections are now encrypted
  • Encrypt/decrypt functions in BASIC
  • SSL connection functions in BASIC for socket applications
  • SSH for D3/Windows and host authentication for all D3 platforms, which increase your likelihood of passing security audits. Additional security features include:
    • Support for A/D, LDAP, PAM, etc.
    • Better password management around strength and expiration
    • User lockout after your chosen number of failed attempts


D3 10.3 contains enhancements across the dataserver engine, including query, run-time and SQL for a better end-user experience. Encryption at the field level, rather than at the file level, offers a performance benefit, especially for large files. If you’re on a version of D3 prior to 10.2, you’re missing out on improved performance offered by the 64-bit architecture introduced in that version. This new architecture allows D3 to utilize more than 4GB of memory, taking advantage of greater addressing space and improved file caching in memory. If you run a 64-bit version of your operating system, Rocket D3 for Windows 10.2 and above will let you take advantage of your hardware platform to increase user counts, improve performance, and avoid memory limitations experienced on a 32-bit version.


Easily extend your D3 application functionality, as well as attract and retain new development talent with Python native language support. D3 10.3.1 allows BASIC developers to leverage the Python open-source library of hundreds of thousands of solutions for quickly adding new features to improve your application. The ability to call into D3 10.3.2 from Python completes the bidirectional support of Rocket D3 Python for better integration, allowing Python developers to access data and existing business rules that are stored in the D3 database environment.

Ready to upgrade?

If you have a current Support and Maintenance Agreement for Rocket D3, you can find additional information and order the release on Rocket Business Connect (RBC).

If you’d like to upgrade to D3 10.3.2 but don’t have an active maintenance agreement, please contact your Rocket Software Account Executive to discuss your options. If you don’t know your Account Executive or would want someone to contact you, please contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.