Rocket Software is excited to sponsor SHARE Columbus 2022. Between August 21-26, you will have the opportunity to engage with many of Rocket’s key technical leaders and IBM Champions and learn over the course of 20+ sessions how you can modernize your infrastructure to meet today’s business challenges.

18 Rocketeers have been recognized as 2022 IBM Champions for IMB zSystems; more than any other company in the world.


Submitting your contact info could win you exclusive Rocket Software swag — including signed memorabilia from Boston Red Sox Cooperstown Hall of Famer, Jim Rice!

Jim Rice

I would like to schedule a follow-up with:

Subject Matter
Kevin Hosozawa Storage, OMEGAMON
Mark Jula Advanced Storage
Ezriel Gross CICS Tools
John Crossno TMON, Storage
Sean Grady ZOWE, Open Tools
Ron Bisceglia IMS Tools
James Martin IMS Tools
Ka-Chun Ng Db2 Tools
Craig Friske Db2 Tools
Jim Porell MFA, ODP
Zareen Fatima Rydhan Db2 Tools
Max Fallan Db2 Tools
Tim Willging Modernization Strategy
Jeff Cherrington Modernization Strategy