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Rocket® Modernization Suite for IBM® i seamlessly optimizes the management of your IBM i systems, eliminating the need for disruptive modernization and advancing your business through improved data visibility, automated processes, and modern methodologies like DevOps so you can increase value without increasing cost.

Why Rocket® Modernization Suite for IBM® i?

Restructure — without rebuilding — to modernize the application management of your IBM i systems and secure end-to-end vision of your business data and operations, automated processes that enable faster and more agile workflows, and improved ROI and satisfaction across the enterprise.

With Rocket® Modernization Suite for IBM® i you can:
  • Increase innovation velocity without increasing cost: With deep visibility into your IBM i, you can improve customer-facing application development with automated interior workflows, processes, and sessions that ensure uninterrupted operations, accelerated API delivery, and lower operating costs
  • Enable and encourage next-gen workforce productivity (close the skill gap): Eliminate user friction with modern and intuitive interfaces that build customer-centric web and mobile experiences, eliminate disruptive overhauls, and overcome the knowledge gap that causes operational downtime
  • Leverage technological advances to modernize with disrupting: Renovate your IBM i investment rather than rebuilding from scratch to enjoy stronger ROI, faster time to market, higher margins, and the improved satisfaction of both your workforce and clients
  • Modernize business while minimizing security and compliance risk: Eliminate the costs of manual administration of security and compliance through automation, and bypass the risk of static password protection with multifactor authentication tokens

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