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TRUexchange Technical Overview for TRUcommunity Customers

There is nothing you need to do to start benefiting from TRUexchange 5.1.  Your current login, password, contacts and encryption keys will all continue to work the way they always have.

These are some of the many time-saving new features in this release.

  • A new user interface with an email-like client look and feel reduces your time spent performing tasks within TRUexchange
  • Creating, sending and receiving transactions is now more like sending an email with attachments making the environment more familiar to new users
  • Filter and Sort tools for your Inbox and Sent Items to more easily find transactions from specific customers or transactions awaiting download
  • Trading Partners can now be found in the new Contacts Menu with a broad overview for easier management of your contacts
  • Settings like notifications are now all available on a single screen without the need to look for them in dialog boxes
  • The Classic UI option from the User Menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen will allow you to continue to use TRUexchange the same way you always have

We hope you enjoy these new features, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact a Rocket Software Customer Care Representative using Live Chat within TRUexhange or email us at [email protected]