Discover our update site for the Eclipse-based U2 DBTools

In this webinar, we will take you into our update site and show you how to enable online updates and find out more about critical fixes and new release information on our toolset.

Presented by: Ben Wedewer, Quality Control Engineer, U2 Lab

Description: Learn more about our update site, where you can discover the latest information about our U2 DBTools and download the latest releases! U2 DBTools include the Eclipse-based tools for programming and administration of both U2 databases: UniData® and UniVerse®.

You will discover the benefits of using the update site and learn which U2 DBTools have been recently updated, including U2 Metadata Manager, Basic Developer Toolkit and XAdmin. We will also discuss the major features of the November 2012 U2 DBTools release and share our tentative schedule for future updates.

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