Application Lifecycle Management & DevOps for Rocket U2 MultiValue Database Servers and Tools

Aldon LM features built-in support for Rocket® UniData and Rocket® UniVerse, for items such as Programs, Data Dictionary Items, and Schema Changes. Additionally, Aldon LM includes support for editors such as Rocket® wIntegrate, AE, ED, and for the U2 development products, Rocket® SB+ and SB/XA.

Aldon LM simplifies audit compliance, facilitates task and backlog management, enforces quality standards, and secures and manages access to software assets.

Join Chris White, Rocket’s Director of Solutions Engineering for ALM and DevOps, and Steve O’Neal, Principal Architect for Rocket MultiValue database servers and tools, to see how using Aldon LM can increase developer productivity and improve code quality.

In this live webinar session you will learn more about:

  • Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager Features
  • Benefits and Support for Rocket U2 MultiValue Customers Associated with Aldon LM
  • How U2 Development Tools Work with Aldon LM
  • How to Perform Concurrent Development with U2