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We are committed to the IBM® zSystems™ mainframe platform and develop tools to help organization get more out of their mainframe investments. With solutions focused on data management, performance optimization, catalog and system management, disaster recovery, storage management and security, the largest companies in the world rely on Rocket® mainframe solutions to support their payroll processing, timely healthcare diagnoses, banking transactions, mutual fund deposits, flight reservations, and more.

Why Rocket Mainframe Solutions?

  • A commitment to IBM zSystems mainframes
  • A focus on mainframe innovation
  • Our unique, enduring partnership with IBM
  • We’re active in the global mainframe community.

“Our work involved in cloning the Db2 database has been reduced by more than half. Constant enhancement of system performance and fast implementation of improvements also make us more effective.”

— Petra Dießel
Database Organizer
KKH Hanover

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