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Maintain business continuity

Build a resilient z/OS infrastructure that recovers faster

In today's demanding business world, downtime is not an option—and recovery is not just about disasters. Server downtime for a few minutes, or even a few seconds, can be an operational and financial catastrophe. Rocket® Mainstar® solutions help you build a more resilient IBM® z/OS® infrastructure—one that's more resistant to outages and recovers faster when one does occur.

Complete data asset backup and recovery

Rocket Mainstar solutions optimize mainframe performance and data protection to ensure business continuity. Without backups, data assets can't be recovered. Mainstar products provide complete data asset backup and recovery. They augment replication and remote mirroring technologies to create a truly resilient data asset protection program for the z/OS environment. Controls are needed to ensure that backups are made before changes are applied, ensuring a quick backout if necessary. Mainstar automatic backups ensure that time-consuming, serious problems don’t occur.

An unexpected ICF catalog failure in any z/OS environment can lead to hours of downtime. Rocket products help prevent potential outages as well as accelerate recovery when necessary. IBM DFSMShsm manages thousands of data assets, both critical and non-critical, in licensed IT environments. As with ICF catalogs, DFSMShsm’s Control Data Sets (CDS) are key control structures in any z/OS environment. A failure of one of those structures can result in the loss of access to thousands or millions of data assets. Rocket products can quickly reconcile these differences and build new records to enable timely data access.