Rapid application development

Reduce time to market and cost of large-scale applications

Organizations can get a competitive advantage from very large-scale applications that extend mainframe data and automate business processes. But developing and deploying these applications can be daunting. A purpose-built DBMS with rapid application development tools can get applications to market faster and at lower cost.

Get more productivity from programmers and users

Rocket® M204™ DBMS solutions amplify programmer productivity when building large scale applications that use IBM® z Systems® and OpenVMS data, or are destined for cross-platform environments that include mainframes. The Rocket Model 204 DBMS includes a powerful, enterprise-scale fourth-generation language that combines data access and business process logic into a single, intuitive programming environment.

This programming environment—called User Language—is packed with features that make it fast and simple for programmers to use. The statements are easy to understand, helping first-timers produce results fast and reducing the need for excessive documentation. The procedures can then be stored in libraries, making them readily accessible to other applications or to end-users.

Business users can be more productive with their data even without assistance from programmers. Visual data analysis tools help users query, consolidate, analyze, and create reports from the data—all in a graphical point-and-click environment. So users can get quick answers to their business questions on their own, freeing up valuable programmer time for new application initiatives.