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High-performance DBMS with low overhead

Cost-effective data management for very large-scale applications

Speed matters—for both customers accessing data your data and developers writing applications, as does cost. Unfortunately, traditional DBMSs often can't efficiently handle the high-performance, high-volume data management demands of applications that span mainframes and high-end systems. For creating and running very large database applications, there's Rocket® M204.

Rocket Model 204

The Rocket Model 204 DBMS handles large volumes of data and high transaction loads. It stores, manages and accesses exceedingly large databases at high speeds. It includes an application development environment for rapid application development. Time after time, Model 204 has consistently outperformed other database systems because of groundbreaking technologies like bitmapped indexing and the optimized relational model. Online transaction processing (OLTP) applications are further accelerated by a number of high-volume update facilities. With a robust set of connectivity solutions and the added benefit of SQL, Model 204 offers the speed and flexibility to build solutions for today's demanding business climate.

Rocket System 1032

Rocket System 1032 is a high-performance DBMS and application development environment for the OpenVMS user community. Because System 1032 takes full advantage of the OpenVMS operating system, its performance is unbeatable for many applications.