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TigerLogic D3 Database Management System

TigerLogic D3 is now Rocket® D3

In 2013, Rocket Software brought TigerLogic’s MultiValue database management system (DBMS) into the Rocket MultiValue product family. Rocket D3, previously known as TigerLogic D3, is a non-SQL DBMS with an emphasis on speed, flexibility, and low overhead. D3 is trusted by banks, retailors, healthcare providers, and more to power their mission-critical applications.

Rocket (TigerLogic) D3 joins the rest of the Rocket MultiValue lineup, which also includes Rocket® UniVerse and Rocket® UniData, sometimes referred to together as U2. Also joining the Rocket MultiValue family is Rocket® mvBase (previously marketed as TigerLogic mvBase), a full-featured MultiValue DBMS that operates within the Microsoft Windows network environment. Optimized for a variety of platforms and functions, Rocket MultiValue DBMS solutions deliver the robust enterprise application foundation today’s business needs to compete.

Rocket D3 and Rocket mvBase follow the Pick/MultiValue database model for fast, flexible solutions

Rocket D3 and mvBase are based on the MultiValue database model, originally created for the Pick operating system. Pick and MultiValue systems offer notable benefits for management of transactional data, including flexible and intuitive data structures for fast, easy development, as well as space-efficient hardware footprints compared to SQL solutions, saving on operating expenses and lowering total cost of ownership. Pick/MultiValue systems achieve these benefits thanks to their fluid, multi-dimensional nature: Unlike SQL, MultiValue records can handle fields with values of varying sizes. This model better matches the structure of real-life data, and it saves you from having to create extraneous tables. Ultimately, these differences add up to big savings for development timetables and IT overhead costs.

Rocket continues to modernize MultiValue for today’s needs

With more than 120 staff devoted to MultiValue support and development, Rocket continues to update and advance its MultiValue application platforms. Rocket offers modernization solutions that can transform your current MultiValue system with user-friendly GUIs, web and mobile accessibility, and industry-standard audit logging and security enhancements. If you already use MultiValue to power your critical enterprise applications, explore Rocket’s MultiValue modernization solutions to discover how you can save money and continue to deliver value from your incumbent system.

Rocket mvBase: Transaction database solutions for Windows environments

Rocket mvBase brings a high-performance MultiValue DBMS to the Microsoft Windows network environment. mvBase is optimized for business, allowing for the simultaneous use of both the Microsoft Windows operating system and the MultiValue DBMS. Included in the Rocket® mvBase Toolbox are the Rocket® .NET API, which provides a native bridge between a .NET application and a D3 data source; the Rocket® Java API, which allows Java developers to access mvBase data from a Java IDE; and the Rocket® MVS Toolkit, which enables developers to easily create MultiValue web services on top of mvBase databases.

Rocket D3 support keeps your systems up-to-date and running smoothly

Rocket MultiValue support teams are available 24/7 to help you solve critical issues. But Rocket support goes far beyond that. When you renew your annual maintenance agreement, your support funds go directly into our support organization as well as ongoing R&D, ensuring that customers are provided with a modern, stable DBMS solution. That means you get free updates and upgrades as soon as they’re available. Together, Rocket D3 and Rocket MultiValue support present a winning DMBS solution for your organization’s mission-critical operations.