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Rocket TRUexchange Communities

Rocket® TRUexchange™ is a highly secure, large file exchange solution that allows the transfer of any size and type of data file quickly and securely. We can establish private communities enabling companies to connect and share information with business partners around the world.

Free Trial for TRUexchange GSN and Create Your Own File Exchange Community

TRUexchange GSN provides a secure, fast and easy-to-use file exchange capability for your users to share files with other company users and/or users in the companies you work with. For example, if you are a manufacturing company and need to exchange large CAD files with your customers and suppliers, then TRUexchange GSN would be a great solution for you.

Key benefits of TRUexchange GSN include:

  • Allocate access to as many internal and external users as you wish
  • Usage is only monitored by the number of Distinct Active Users per month
  • There is no limit to the number of users you can invite to join to use this product
  • Any active user can exchange any number of files of any size at any time they wish
  • You set up the right security levels for the files you are exchanging
  • Add meta data for each transaction to help add value to the context of each file exchange
  • Have a fully auditable file exchange solution; run reports on who sent what, to whom, and when

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Private Communities

Private communities require supplier identification information & payment to gain access. Once subscribed you can exchange data of any size and type with members of that community.

Stellantis Community Logo
TRUexchange CCX: Stellantis

Public Community

We enable anyone to anyone file exchange within our AFX community. Once subscribed to a public community, you can exchange data of any size and type with other members of that community.

AFX: Supplier to Supplier Logo
AFX: Anyone to Anyone