Managed File Transfer (MFT)

A secure managed file transfer solution allows your orginization to share documents and files with internal teams, customers, partners or suppliers. A secure and reliable means to share information is vital so as not to expose confidential and proprietarty data to competitors or those outside your supply chain. Sending data and files antiquated methods such as FTP and email leaves your data vulnerable to external network attacks.

A secure managed file transfer solution provides you with an audit trail and the ability to easily track your document and file transactions ensuring that you’re sending the most current version.  When an incorrect version is sent through to your supply chain and it’s not discovered until late in the product life cycle, it’s a problem, potentially reducing your speed to market.

Rocket Software's Managed File Transfer solutions make it easy to digitally move files and documents securely from one location to another while monitoring all transactional information.

Key Benefits Rocket Software's Managed File Transfer Solutions

  • Faster and more secure than email or ftp which leave you vulnerable to data breached due to insecure protocols.
  • Visibility, tracking and tracing provide high visibility of your project files with audit trails and document tracking.
  • Advanced encryption keeps your data and intellectual property safe.
  • Rapid transfer speeds get your documents to your recipients faster.
  • Easy integration allows you to store and share critical data by integrating our applications with you existing systems.
  • Flexible adaptability to changing standards and regulations keeps you in compliance.