Implement an Effective APQP Process with Rocket TRUcentrix

Implement an Effective APQP Process with TRUcentrix

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) can be a challenging framework to implement and maintain for many OEMs. B2B Supply Chain Integration meets your APQP needs with TRUcentrix, a comprehensive collaboration and process automation solution with a built in APQP task form that enables you to manage product quality through all 5 phases of the APQP process:

  • Plan and Define the Program
  • Product Design and Development VerificationProduct and Process Validation
  • Production Part Approval Process (PPAP)
  • Launch, Feedback, Assessment & Corrective Action

TRUcentrix is much more than your typical content management solution, offering functionalities simple content management systems often lack, including the ability to track how data is being used and record steps taken in the process.

TRUcentrix is a collaboration solution with advanced quality control management capabilities built right in that provide OEMs with a high degree of transparency and visibility into the business process while protecting individual suppliers’ critical business data.

The deep TRUcentrix APQP integration will keep your partners and suppliers on schedule while keeping a high quality standard for your final product. TRUcentrix comprehensive automation features makes assigning and tracking tasks much more efficient than legacy content management systems. The integrated APQP form within TRUcentrix clearly defines quality requirements, which greatly reduces potential errors and unwarranted supplier corrective action requests.