FTP replacement

Securely exchange product data with anyone anywhere—and prove it

Is your team still using FTP to share data and files across your supply chain? FTP is clumsy and insecure, putting data at risk. Rocket® solutions include secure managed file transfer tools that allow teams to share sensitive proprietary information with one another and select partners—quickly, safely, securely.

Convenient managed file transfer with enterprise-grade security

Rocket TRUexchange is a highly secure, easy-to-use, on-demand solution for exchanging files and documents of any type and size, quickly and securely. Connect and share with business partners in any geography, regardless of time zone or system configuration. Know when and where your documents have been shared. Using Rocket Exchange, sending and receiving files is as simple as writing and opening an email. And in the case where you have many messages, powerful sort, filter, and search tools let you find the transaction you're looking for.

Rocket TRUexchange uses multiple levels of encryption throughout the file transfer process, including both public and private-key pairs between both senders and recipients of documents and files. This ensures that only the intended parties can ever access those documents. All data is encrypted and decrypted locally before any data transfer takes place, ensuring the most secure method of delivering documents and files. With Rocket TRUexchange, moving from FTP to secure Managed File Transfer is easier than you think.

Rocket Eurex-c is a high-capacity communications system for seamless and integrated file transfer. It offers multi-protocol,  multi-network communication for Managed File Transfer. You can maximize performance by using several transaction channels and supporting industry standards (including secure MFT).