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What's New in Rocket Analytics Server

Version 7.2 of the Rocket Analytics Server (AS) is now available.

This new release of the z/OS edition of Rocket Analytics Server adds a number of major enhancements, including:

AS Administration Control Center

  • New interactive tool to enable system administrators to more easily manage an AS installation.
  • Provides the ability to identify AS users and application objects being used and graphically analyze AS table space usage.

Table access logging

  • Easily identify which parts of AS applications are being used in order to better utilize resources and to simplify maintenance tasks.

REXX procedure capability

  • An AS procedure can now be designated a REXX Procedure, enabling it to contain entirely REXX language, thus helping non-AS developers to be involved in writing AS applications.

RSTATS synonym to use AS with the R Statistics language.

  • A feature which demonstrates how AS can be used with the Rocket Software Open Source Tool for the R Statistics language. Extending the tools already provided by AS to give more choices for analyzing data.

New RDV command to interface with the Rocket Data Virtualization facility.

  • RDV is a new command that allows AS applications to easily access nearly any mainframe data, from Adabas to SMF records bringing the power of AS to more data.

CREATE DATA command, @ALLCATS option to extract catalog data from all user’s application codes.

ASADMIN LIST command, CSV output option

EDOPTIONS SQL syntax coloring in Query tables

MD5 function: Returns the MD5 hash value for the given character string.

CPU and MSU information added to key expiry warning message

DIAGNOSE TRACE SORT output to DASAUDIT extended to include more information about the sort process

Version 7.1

Version 7.1 of the Rocket Analytics Server (AS) also contains many major enhancements, including:

  • Language editor syntax highlighting
  • Ability to write tables by using DT functions
  • The ORDERBY command enables the order of rows to be set without creating a new OUT table
  • DEBUG in Report Command tables
  • Multidimensional session variables
  • Alphanumeric column and variable limit increased from 254 to 1000
  • Maximum row size increased to 32,000 bytes
  • New TRANSFER command for the exchange of several tables between mainframe and multiplatform AS servers

These enhancements, including the multiplatform version of AS, significantly magnify the value for a customer’s investment in the AS Family.

What is Rocket Analytics Server?

Rocket Analytics Server (AS) is an integrated family of business intelligence and analytics software that provides simple to complex data access, manipulation, and presentation capabilities. It contains a set of modules for performing functions such as application creation (screen development and logic flow), business charting, and much more. There are components that can be run under z/OS TSO, z/VM CMS, Windows, UNIX, AIX, Linux, Apache Tomcat Web Server, and WebSphere to provide a wide range of implementation and deployment options. New data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle can be used by AS, and through IBM InfoSphere BigInsights or Hadoop which can be utilized to provide a broad reach into the vast stores of enterprise information.

Rocket AS 7.2 is the authorized replacement product for all earlier levels of Rocket AS and all versions of the IBM Application System program product (5648-092).