Why Tech Leadership Cannot Be Overlooked This Year

22 February 2022
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With the first month of the year in the rear-view mirror, we’ve experienced a glimpse of what 2022 will bring and had a chance to regroup on organizational priorities. It’s a perfect time to reflect on where technology leaders can and should focus to set their organizations up for success not just in 2022, but beyond.

Tech Leadership Will Be More Important Than Ever

Tech leaders have now led through two years of uncertainty, with no true signs of slowing down. Despite that, organizations and their leaders have adapted, figuring out what their leadership — both internally and in their industry — looks like in this changed environment.

As the role of the CEO has evolved in recent years, technology and business have increasingly overlapped. As those two skill sets become less separate, the door has opened for leaders with technical backgrounds who possess the business smarts and technical acumen to lead their tech-focused organizations to success — and most importantly, ensure their customers are successful.

In one way or another, every company can be considered a “technology company” today, as virtually every industry has been disrupted by new technology that has changed the face of the playing field in their market. With that in mind, today’s leaders must be just as comfortable running the business as they are with understanding how technology can be a strategic advantage used to position their organization as a market leader.

Having a deep understanding of technology is also critical as customers — both in B2B and in B2C spaces — seek to course correct from the overcomplication of their technology that has taken root over the past decade. With so much uncertainty driving constant change, customers are demanding...Continue reading