What Role Does the Mainframe Play in Today’s Data-Driven Landscape?

18 May 2022
In The News

The mainframe industry is at a pivotal moment in its history – the need for increased compliance requirements, the desire for tighter networks with customers, the growing cloud environment, cost pressures, the need for modern user experience, etc., all contribute to the growing need for mainframe modernization.

According to a recent report from Forrester, 67% of enterprise infrastructure technology decision-makers say that they use mainframes, over half state that they plan to increase their use of mainframes over the next two years, and another 31% predict that their use will stay the same. With the mainframe here to stay, here are three ways companies can optimize the mainframe for efficient business operations.

Digitally Transforming the Mainframe

Modernization – including automation – is not a “one and done” journey. It’s continuous. According to my company’s recent survey, mainframes remain a core aspect of IT infrastructure, with 80% of IT professionals saying mainframes remain critical to business operations. Emerging technologies hold great promise for digital transformation, but it turns out that most organizations won’t completely abandon their traditional tools to pursue such innovation. However, as with any technology, organizations must prioritize modernization to get the most value from the mainframe.

Modernizing the mainframe enables organizations to overcome hurdles such as the transition to remote work and the need for higher-quality outcomes and for contemporary user experience, to name a few. Efficiency is essential for today’s businesses to remain competitive – that’s why technology should be oriented towards...Continue reading