What to Look for in a Modern DevOps Solution

02 June 2022
Milan Shetti, CEO Rocket Software
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Businesses today have faced greater levels of uncertainty than ever before. As employees and customers demand higher-quality digital experiences, companies must ensure their DevOps processes are modern and capable of keeping up with the complexities of today’s business.

To be able to operationally address these challenges and opportunities, businesses are looking to their IT teams to play a critical role in responding to customer demand, while at the same time keeping tabs on growing compliance demands, shifting business strategy and the latest technological advancements.

DevOps has emerged as a way for IT teams to evolve and improve products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development. But current DevOps solutions may not live up to their needs given just how complex business has become, as many existing solutions lack flexibility, don’t have complex compliance reporting or are simply outdated.

As organizations look to modernize, there are few key features best-of-breed solutions now have.

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