Uniface rides on a Rocket - A report from some Rocket Uniface workshops

05 October 2022
In The News

I have always taken an interest in Uniface, I first met it back in the last century when the IT group in the bank I was working for was blocking a business-led purchase of Uniface, because it was so much more productive that the IT’s chosen C++ based development strategy. Dysfunctional or not? Anyway, Uniface now belongs to Rocket Software and I’ve been attending a couple of Uniface workshops, just to see how things are going. Pretty well, I think – morale seems to be good. Uniface is still being actively developed and aspects of the Uniface Agile culture and its eLearning capabilities are being migrated into the rest of Rocket Software. Uniface is a tier 1 product for Rocket, the presenters told me.

Properly designed eLearning is, or should be, a major facilitator for stakeholder engagement in the Mutable Business. Taking a course in something achieves buy-in, reading documentation, less so. And eLearning can be available to any stakeholder, especially if you encourage self-education on the firm’s time (with some sort of portable accreditation, perhaps, and the involvement of project management). Learn more about Uniface eLearning here.

The first workshop was about the use of containers and Docker with the current version of Uniface. Later versions of Uniface have always been able to work with containers...Continue reading