There’s a Mainframe Skills Gap. Here Are Three Ways to Address It

16 February 2022
By Milan Shetti, CEO Rocket Software
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The IT skills gap, which has incrementally worsened over the last decade, is becoming a full-blown crisis for many businesses. While many were prepared for Baby Boomers leaving the workforce, they were not anticipating two outcomes from the pandemic – and the Great Resignation coupled with a strong job market has been a gut punch.

This is having a significant impact on enterprise’s ability to manage core technologies, like mainframes, that are vital to every company’s tech stack, but lack the appeal of other technologies like programming, software development, and data science to the crop of new IT professionals coming from Gen Y and Z.

These younger generations are often think that mainframes are no longer relevant when, in fact, the technology is still the backbone for processing large data sets at many enterprises and in industries where security is a business differentiator.

Faced with the reality that there isn’t enough tech talent to go around, how do companies attract mainframe professionals? The current market has certainly created urgency for companies to communicate the right messages to the right people and the best tools to modernize the mainframe experience. 

Here are three tips that companies can use to highlight the opportunities available in the mainframe space.

1. Expand the candidate pool

There’s no replacing experience and managers looking to do so will only be met with disappointment. To find new talent, companies must expand their candidate pools. While these recruits might not have all the skills yet, they have the potential to bring immense value to your company with the right support.

One way to expand the candidate pool is to...Continue reading