Rocket Software Launches Enhanced Python-Powered MultiValue Platform

30 September 2020
Latest version of Rocket D3 features greater security and improved performance
Press Release

Waltham, MA—September 30, 2020—Rocket Software, a global technology leader that develops enter-prise modernization and optimization solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, today announced the release of Rocket® D3® 10.3.2 for Windows, AIX, and Linux. This version focuses on Python and interoperability with version 1.3 of the new Rocket MultiValue Integration Server (MVIS). 

“Thousands of organizations around the world rely on our MultiValue platforms, including Rocket D3, to radically improve the ability to manage every aspect of their operations,” says P. Gary Gregory, Presi-dent of the Database & Connectivity Business Unit at Rocket Software. “This release is a major mile-stone; the addition of advanced Python integrations means that anyone who can program, can use Rocket D3 with zero learning curve. This is especially important right now, as companies continue to pri-oritize hiring new graduates and navigating the challenges created by reduced IT resources.”
Rocket D3 10.3.2 includes features that help customers better manage integration needs. Users can con-nect to D3 from Python, enable bidirectional support, and access data and existing business rules that are stored in the D3 database environment. Field-level encryption can increase processing speed over encrypting the entire record while also ensuring data security. D3 10.3.2 also makes 256-bit encryption available. 

With the release of Rocket MVIS 1.3, D3 customers will gain the ability to expose their MV data and business logic as RESTful services that can be consumed from modern web applications.

”Rocket continues to provide opportunities to engage new developers for application modernization with the release of Rocket MVIS,” said John Bramley, Director, MultiValue Practice at NexusTek. “At Nex-usTek we strive to keep our customers’ MultiValue environments relevant by taking advantage of the lat-est releases of Rocket’s MultiValue products, which provide enhanced performance, security, and mod-ernization capabilities. With the release of D3 10.3.2, Rocket continues to build on the reliable, stable, and performant D3 platform that our customers depend on to support their advanced business needs.”

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Rocket Software empowers organizations to create legendary impact in the world through innovation in legacy technologies. With deep expertise in IBM Z, IBM Power, and embedded database systems and application servers, Rocket provides solutions that power tens of thousands of global businesses, solv-ing real problems and making real-world impact. Rocket is a privately held U.S. corporation headquar-tered in the Boston area with centers of excellence strategically located throughout North America, Eu-rope, Asia, and Australia.
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